The Rudd Shop Truck

1998 Toyota T100

The Build

Before Repair Customization Paint After



This is a scoop that I cut out of a Subaru hood.

The aftermarket hood gets cut and prepped for the scoop

Looks nice already.

Tack ti about every 2 inches or so.

Add more spot welds about every half an inch. If you do a solid weld the hood will start to warp.
I welded on opposite sides, so each weld had time to cool down before I came back to that area.

The welds get smoothed out to prep for filler.

There's me smoothing it out.

This is not easy, large area to fill, hard to get it smooth.

Filler is smooth, time for Primer.

Wet/dry sand to smooth.

I applied primer 3 times to smooth it all out as much as possible.

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