The Rudd Shop Truck

1998 Toyota T100

Repair Photos

MirRU Home Before Repair Customization Paint After



I got this truck at IAAI (Insurance Auto Auction) for $2000. I am very happy with the buy.
This truck will go through a major rebuild before it is on the road again. This is going to be
the official Rudd Shop Truck. All the moldings and emblems will be stripped. The body will be
maticulously inspected for dents and rock chips and will be straight as an arrow before
an ounce of paint hits it. It will get a cold air intake and a new exaust. The wheels and the interior will be dealt with at a later time
but for now, the body will get a new paint job and a new face. A scoop off a Subaru will be
stiched to this hood. The grill and the bumper will be painted the same color as the truck. The front bumper
is going to be refabricated to have a new look. Rear bumper is getting replaced with
a custom made roll pan. After twisting my brains trying come up with a paint color for this machine
I decided to go with a two tone. The whole truck will be painted black, the bottom part will have
red pearl in it. Once all that is on it will get blue fire airbrushed on the bottom going from the front,
toward the front of the bed. This is my plan. I had to write it down so I stop twisting my brain re-thinking things.

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The damage is not too bad. Just a flesh wound.

Clean back, nothing major. A couple small dents.

Right fender is toast.

The bumper, right headlight, radiator, a/c condencer, the fan, power steering pump wheel and the air box needs to be replaced.

Radiator support will be replaced.

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