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I am sure you've heard of the term "flipping" when it's associated with real-estate, well this "flipping" is reffering to cars. It is based on the same principle, you buy a piece of propperty, in this case a car, you re-condition, repair or clean it up and you sell it. The faster you do it the more money you make.

Even doing this part time as a hobby you can make $2000 to $6000 per year of extra money or even more! Take a nice vacation or a piece of furniture you've been wanting to get. Or maybe to get a better car to work on!

Here is an email I got from Mark:
"Thank - you so much for e-book. This is very motivating reading. I have had this interest for quite some time. I know somebody that is very successful doing this. He fixes them and sells them on his lot for buy here / pay here or sells them outright."

Hi there...

My name is Valik Rudd, I run this website -, it's been here since 2000. I started working on cars when I was 16 and got into buying and selling cars with a tax return check of $1600. I bought a 1996 Dodge Neon for $900. It was hit in the front end. Light damage to the cosmetic parts, bumper, hood, grill, etc. I ended up spending $400 fixing it. It sold for $3400. A nice profit of $2100! See some of the photos here.

The local auto auction here runs every other Tuesday, so I was there bidding up a storm. I got an Acura Integra next which I made another $1700 on. And so on. You keep growing your investment or like me you take vacations when you sell one. See my other projects I've worked on here. Get this ebook and you'll get all the details.

I wrote this ebook, more of a 14 page manual to share my passion with the world. It took me months to write it all down (as you can see I am not a writer but a fellow car enthusiast). All my tips and tricks, way arounds and techniques, real-life experience.

The information in here is all original, not available anywhere else and it's all FREE!!! It should answer all the questions you should ever face in this field.

If you ever have any questions, email me, I'll gladly help! If you are looking for money then consider many available credit card offers.

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And of course because we live in the world of every body suing eachother and their brother for anything and everything I have to cover my butt by including this statement. Like any business, your income and financial success is dependant on the time, effort and financial investment you put into it. Like anything, the harder you work, the more you make. Unfortunately not all people are willing to make the commitment necessary to be successful and do not receive the results described.