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I have the address to the official government seized property auctions web site where they have the auction schedules, locations and any other buyer information. All free, not an informational fee based site that you've all seen. I am going to give you the link to the actual, official government web site where they post the schedules and lists of items available for auction.

Other sites on the internet charge from $39 and up for this info, if their info is even real, plus, I found their web sites pretty confusing. You will get the internet address (URL) to the main government web site and you do not need any kind of membership to access that public info any time you want.

I am charging $20 for my time spent researching and finding this web site.

You do not need to look for government auctions info anymore. What I am offering you here is THE official web site, the only one there is. Any other info you will find online will either be a scam or will point to this web site or information on this web site. So you can make your decision whether to pay $20 for the real information without any kind of gimmicks or tricks or you can over pay, $30 or more for something other guys promise that is just not there.

You will get more for your money, less hassle getting this address from me than if you choose some other offer on the internet.


You will not be disappointed! Guaranteed!*

You can buy everything from diamonds and gold to cars and real estate. Government auctions are held in almost every major city in the United States. You just need to go to the link I will provide and check the schedule for the auctions and any other info you may need.

Rules and terms from the government auctions web site:

Sale participants are required to register prior to each sale. Just bring a photo ID to register and receive your bidder number and catalog. Registration is FREE. The catalog contains a listing of merchandise to be sold and important information about the Terms of Sale. Make sure you read the terms thoroughly.

After you make the payment via PayPal you will be redirected to the page with the link (URL) to the government page where you will find the schedules and other information about the Government Seized Property Auctions.

This is not a scam or a joke or a "report" or any other garbage that you find on the internet trying to sell you government auction information. You are going to get the link to the real, official, ".gov" web site, the main site for government auctions. It has all the info that you have been looking for.

About the Government Auctions:

The United States Government has designated a company as the prime contractor responsible for the storage, maintenance, transportation, and sale of seized and abandoned property. Their personnel respond to the Government agency needs in various locations across the country, working daily with law enforcement officers and agents at local levels. The other agencies served by this company are the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, the U.S. Secret Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and the Food and Drug Administration. All proceeds from the sale of merchandise are deposited in the U.S. Treasury. Asset Forfeiture Fund, which was created by a 1992 act of Congress to hold deposits of seized currency and revenues from the sale and remission of forfeited property.


* Guaranteed!

If the link you receive is not the real ".gov" web site that lists the auction schedules, locations and buyer information and is not what I have stated on this page, you can have your $20 bucks back.

I guarantee that I am not lying to you, that everything stated here is true, however, that web site is not under my control and I have no way to know if for some reason they do not have it available. I will make every effort to update this page if for some reason that web site is unavailable. I will refund the money if the site is down for some reason.

To make sure it is available, email me and ask me to confirm that it is available before making the payment or if you have any other problem please contact me at

If for some reason the link does not display right after a payment is made please email me at


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Updated December 31, 2004