Frame Work

Frame work is the time when your wreck transforms into something that looks like a car. Light hits are the better choice to work on ofcourse.

First, you want to get the factory measurements of the damaged area from a Chilton Repair Manual or the Dealer. Then acess the damage. Anything can be unmangled, just depends how much money you want to spend.

You can build your own Frame Pulling Rig, you can buy one or you can hire someone to do the job for you.

In this business either one works. Some have alot of time so they do it themselves in the garage, some buy a nice frame machine and enjoy the high tech version of getting their hands dirty and others would rather do something else and let the professional take care of the delicate bending and pulling.

Building your own Frame Rig is pretty easy. You just need some metal from the scrap yard, a hydrolic ram or a heavy dutty come along and some chain. Well you'll need more stuff, here's the list:

15 feet - I steel
5 feet - 2"X6" steel tube
1 - 10 or 15 ton hydrolic ram or a serious come along or hoist
25' - heavy dutty chain

Click here for an illustration & plan

If you want to buy a Frame Machine, you can get a new one at Automotive Equipment or find a used one at Auto Body Online. Do your research before buying one, they are a great investment but make sure it wont be a loss.

If you hire some one to do the work, make sure they know what they are doing, inspect their work before paying them. I know a few people personally that work on cars and are good at frame work, and I suggest you do your research before hiring some one, see their work, talk to them before telling them you are looking for a frame man, so they don't become a sales man but talk to you as a friend. ( I hope that made sence :) ).

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Updated May 8, 2004