1995 Honda Accord EX

Got this one at the North-Seattle Auction. All the Hondas were too expencive, they big to the low Book price, WRECKED! What is wrong with these people?! Any way, somehow I managed to sneak this one out for $1600. It is a driver, has 97K miles on it, VTEC engine, it's an EX model. Was driven to Spokane, drives great. Some one snipped away the quarter panel and a part of the door, why? I don't know. I like it and am glad I got it. It's probably a $5G worth. Found a quarter for it for $280 and a used door for $400, will have to look harder cause the door is too expencive for me. Also ordered some airbag covers for both this one and the '94.

Here are the pics:

I guess light damage on front bumper. All the parts inside the car.

Clean Engine, no oil anywhere.